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Do I buy the pink stuff or not?

It’s so hard to be a scrapbooker and a mother to two boys. Ugh! I just had to vent. Some moms have the opportunity of having both boys and girls, but there are a few moms out there who didn’t get that life. No shaming, definitely a bit jealous. I mean I have a house full of boys. Ugh! They don’t get that some things are pretty, frilly, and just plain cute. Haha! Well, my youngest loves calling things cute, but I know it will pass. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that most of the prettiest collections are girl based. I always have an inner battle with myself about buying the collections because at the end of the day, I’m just going to be using it on layouts of myself, or me with my girlfriends. Now, I can get away with girly layouts with pics that include myself, but I’m always behind the camera. 

Do I really need to miss out on the pretty collections just because I have all boys in the house? I say NO! Use those pinks with your boys! Want to make a layout using a Valentine’s Day collection on your significant other, but you’re not in the pic? MAKE IT! Don’t limit your creativity because of a color. 

There are collections out there that cater to boys, but do boys always have to be about dirt and bugs? My little one hates both lol. Now, don’t get me wrong, the same goes for girls. If you want to use blues and greens on a layout that is focused on your daughter, DO IT! Break the rules. I promise you will love the end results. I took advantage of this with this traveler’s notebook spread. Maggie Holmes Bloom collection was my eye-opening collection, and to this day, I do not associate color to gender. Now let’s talk about this spread!

Here’s how everything fell together.

Products Used:

  • Recollection Paper Pad
  • Maggie Holmes Bloom & Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams
  • Recollection Washi Tape
  • White Cardstock

The Process:

This process was extra quick. I think I grabbed all the embellishments out of my embellishment bowl. lol. The pages were already gathered as part of my traveler’s notebook when I put it together. I actually put this layout together while taking professional shots for a photography friend working on her portfolio.

Because of the sweetness oozing from the pic, I simply layered a few pieces underneath the pic, and then added the journaling card to the left side for a colorful, but soft, title that ties all the colors in on the right side. Because the washi tape on the top and the bottom of the journaling card had was “lost” on the page, I decided to add my own from my stash to make the card “pop.”

After all is said and done, if you like a collection, buy it! I’m not saying go broke buying every collection you like, BUT, don’t let your subject’s gender restraint you from buying the collections that you love so much! 


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