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Oh the joys of pregnancy.

I loved everything about being pregnant. Seriously. Even pricking my finger three to four times a day to check my glucose. I couldn’t wait to take pics this time around! At the time, I hadn’t met my photographer I use religiously now, but I knew I didn’t want to go to a studio to take my pics. It was going to be ridiculously high in price with no originality.

So this time around, I decided that I wanted to live on the edge. I called the bestie up, and asked her for her wedding photographer’s info so I could book a session on the beach. 

Snapshot of one of the pics during out family maternity shoot.

Products Used:

  • Maggie Holmes Gather
  • Pink Paislee C’est La Vie
  • Crate Paper Wonder
  • Studio Calico Embellishments
  • White Cardstock

The Process:

This process came together very quickly. I knew I wanted to use some wood grain paper after looking over the edits I had made to the pic. I am 90% sure that this pattern paper came from the Gather collection, but Hobby Lobby has a doppelganger that I have in my stash. Anywho, I decided to use this color pattern paper along with white cardstock.

Cutting them down to size, I used these two pieces as my background pieces. Next I grabbed my embellishment bowl, and sifted through it trying to find light aquas, pinks, and green embellishments. I chose to go with a few pieces from the Crate Paper Wonder Collection, along with some florals from the Maggie Holmes Gather collection. I then went through the process of layer all my pieces. 

If you would like to see the process behind how I layer on my traveler’s notebook spreads, check out the process video below:

Of course, after I finish figuring out how everything will lay, I do add tiny bits here and there to balance out my spread. I do this with all layouts and spreads. I’ve even caught myself doing this with my DIY projects. At the end of the day, every project needs to be pleasing to the eye.

I hope this layout brought a bit of inspiration to your crafty bone!


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