DIY Farmhouse Decor

Once we moved into our house, I decided to change everything in our home. From our bathroom decor to our bedroom sheets, so you know I had to update the living room. I decided to change it to the farmhouse theme. Yea, I know…it is quite popular at the moment, but it’s also a bit expensive. So why not make my own!

I stumbled onto some DIY projects on YouTube, which eventually gave me the courage to begin the process of making my own decor. Can you believe that you can make farmhouse decor for a fraction of the price? Here’s my first project!


8 x 10 Frame

Florals and fillers

Adhesive & Hot glue gun (with glue sticks)



Scissors/Cutting Tool

Pattern paper

Optional items:

Additional paint for background

Sandpaper (needed if using acrylic paint to paint frame)

1. Paint your frame

If you’re like me, you grabbed a frame from your local dollar store, and it might not match the color scheme you are going for. I suggest you use spray paint to paint the frame, as most frames have a coating that is quite resistant to normal paint. If you plan on using acrylic paint, strip the frame beforehand.

2. Cut pattern paper to fit frame

Using the backing of the frame, outline the shape onto the pattern paper you chose. Then, grab your scissors (or cutting tool) and cut the paper down to size.

3. Adhere pattern paper to frame

Using your favorite adhesive, adhere the pattern paper to the backing of the frame. I would recommend a liquid adhesive. I used Mod Podge to adhere my paper. I added small coats of adhesive and adhere the paper in small portions to make sure the paper stayed straight, and no bubbles or crinkles formed.

*4. Add a barrier

This step is completely optional, but I chose a black letter, and black and white pattern paper, I had to add a barrier in between the paper and letter. I used a white paint. To add a little personality to the project, I just slathered paint everywhere (if you have seen any of my scrapbook layouts, this is part of my MO)

*5. Decorate your letter

This step is also optional. Somehow I spilled paint on my letter in the process of painting my background, but because I am know for my splatters on my artwork, I went with is. So if you feel you want to jazz up your letter, now is the time to decorate it. Maybe try the color-block technique. Paint one half of the letter a different color. Or add glitter to one half of the letter. Now is the time to be creative! Set that off to the side to dry. Move

6. Begin adding your florals and fillers to your frame

This part is really simple. I grabbed my hot glue gun, and began attaching the florals. To explain the “science” behind how I placed my florals is not that easy, but here’s how I did it. I wanted to cover the left side of the frame with florals, so I adhered a floral to the frame, then added a filler directly underneath it. I continued this until I reached the bottom of the frame. Once I finished that, I filled any unbalanced areas with florals or fillers. This part relies on your eye. If you feel there are too many florals in one spot, add a filler to balance it out (and vice versa).

7. Attached letter to pattern paper

Once you are done with adding your florals to your frame, your letter and pattern paper should be dry. Of course, that’s if you decided to paint it. Now is the time to attach your letter to the center of the pattern paper. Take your hot glue gun, and put some hot glue in a few spots on the back of your letter, and simply place it in the center of your pattern paper. EASY, RIGHT?

8. Put frame back together

I’m pretty sure you know how frames work, so just put it back together like you normally would, but minus the sheet of glass.

9. Find a place to display it!

Because I couldn’t use the initial color I set out to use for the color of the frame, I had to find a new location for my artwork, but feel free to place this piece of work anywhere! Places to consider:

Wall (as part of a wall display)



If you’d like to see the full process behind this DIY, click the link below:


untitled 309.001


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