4 WAYS TO FIND YOUR CRAFTY MOJO - DANIE FAYE Have you ever hit a wall and just didn't want to create anymore? Here's what you have to do to get back in the mood

4 Ways to Find Your Crafty Mojo

4 WAYS TO FIND YOUR CRAFTY MOJO - DANIE FAYE Have you ever hit a wall and just didn't want to create anymore? Here's what you have to do to get back in the mood

“I’m just not in the mood…”

How many crafters out there get like this? It is okay. We all get like this. I had the luxury of having to take a break due to my military obligations. I just let go of the pressure to create. It is quite overwhelming. I am the type that does not like to constantly repeat myself (let’s face it, there is always that one template you automatically go to when you are stuck).

There have been several times where I was just like “I’m not gonna craft today. I know I need to, but I don’t even want to look at my craft room.” Here are a few things I do to get myself in the mood to craft…

1. Clean your craft table/space

Start with a clean slate. I sometimes find it hard to create with a messy craft room. So, weekly, I try to clean up the mess I made, so I don’t find myself not wanting to be creative. Of course, sometimes I fall behind on this weekly chore, and that’s when I notice myself passing on spending time in my craft room. So, if you come to a point where you just don’t want to go through the process of creating, take an hour and clean up your craft room. I promise you that you will start finding things that you have been looking for, and catch yourself wanting to start creating.

IMG_2969.JPGStart with a clean slate

2. Dance like no one is watching (DO NOT forget to SING TOO!)

If you have cleaned up your scrap area, and still have no motivation, turn on your favorite song, and “shake your booty.” It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not! I’ve noticed when I dance around the house, or in my craft room, it gets me motivated to do something. It might be to simply clean my craft room, but hey, I’m one step closer to being creative. Don’t forget to sing too! Especially off key! lol. You may laugh at this, but I promise you, it works!

IMG_2970Sing at the top of your lungs

3. Search Social Media for Inspiration

Back in the day, we use to use magazines or television shows to get inspiration when it came to crafting. Well, at least that’s how it worked out for me. But, I noticed that I would see magazines less and less in the store (don’t get me wrong they do still exist), and I was at a loss for inspiration. Thank goodness for http://www.scrapbook.com! This site has kept me motivated to create. This was the first social platform I used (and still use) to showcase my work. At the same time, this site has several libraries of different things you might want to look at. They were on the hashtag before it was a thing. lol.

Of course, there are other social platforms now. I would say that Instagram is the best place to get a variety of inspiration (especially since they have added the save option), but there’s Pinterest, YouTube, and even Twitter where you can gain some inspiration.

IMG_2971.JPGA lot of artist showcase their work on social media platforms

4. Create!

The last option to getting that mojo back will definitely have to be just getting into your craft room and creating. It’s just that simple. The project may not come out like you want it to, but you can always go back and make adjustments. Remember, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean that your creation won’t inspire someone else.

Hopefully, these quick tips have given you some ideas about how to get out of the crafting slump that you may be going through. These simple actions have saved me (on several occasions) from just giving up.

My first spread after a two-month hiatus



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