DIY WICKED WITCH COSTUME - DANIE FAYE Easy DIY costume for Halloween, or St. Patty's Day!

DIY Wicked Witch Costume

DIY WICKED WITCH COSTUME - DANIE FAYE Easy DIY costume for Halloween, or St. Patty's Day!

I know it’s last minute, but I’m gonna dress up for Halloween!

Of course, this was me yesterday. Yes, the hubby gave me hell, when I had all weekend to do this last-minute DIY, but honestly, I had other plans for my costume that fell through at the last minute. Here’s how I slapped together a simple Halloween costume under $25!

If you caught my last blogpost, you know that I made my youngest son’s costume this year (for less than $20 I might add), and I was a bit afraid that no one would understand what he was. While at work, almost everyone dressed up, and I kind of felt left out! I know right, lol. So, I popped onto the Pinterest and started looking up a cheap, quick witch costume I could put together. Why a witch, you ask? Because my initial costume fell through (rain cloud), and the nearest relatable thing to a tornado was Wizard of Oz. So, when Halloween came, I had to make the decision dress up, or nah? Here’s how I made this last-minute DIY Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz) Costume together.


Items Needed:

(1) Elastic Band 

(5) Green glitter tulle

(5) Black glitter tulle

*This amount is based on how fluffy you want your skirt

(1) Black top

(1) Black (or green/black) tights

(1) Pair of black shoes (preferably boots)

(1) Witch hat

(1-2) Safety pins or needle and thread


First things first, grab your elastic band and cut it down to the size of your waist. Note: Always remember this saying when dealing with making any type of clothing: “You can always cut it down, but you can never add.” Once you’ve got your width you need your elastic to betie it off someway (ex: sew the two end pieces together or use a safety pin to secure them together).

Once you have figured out how wide the skirt will be, you will need to figure out how long you want the skirt. Because I knew I wanted to be cute, but not too cute, I went with a mid-length skirt.

Now that you know the length you want your skirt to be, begin cutting strips double that length. (Ex: you want a skirt that’s 12 inches, cut each strip to 24 inches). You may have to repeat this step throughout the process


Next, you’re going to want to simply start adhering the strips to the elastic band. As I mentioned before, if you cut the exact length, you will be adhering just a small portion of the top of the tulle to the elastic band.

If you decided to cut double the length, wrap the tulle around the waistband, fold it to where both ends meet each other evenly. You will then tie a knot. Easy peasy! I chose the method of using the exact length. It gave me the same overall look that tutus have, but I had to add in additional fillers to make it a bit fluffier.

IMG_2862.JPGIt’s actually not as fluffy as I would like


Next, I matched my skirt up with a black shirt and black tights I already had on hand, threw on a witch’s hat I got from my local party store, and some boots I had in my closet. I do recommend, if you are going for the Wicked Witch look, and you are not painting your face, green and black tights would be perfect!

To see how baby boy’s costume was made, check out my blog, DIY Tornado Costume.


Me with my tornado

The best part of this costume, is you can wear it during St. Patrick’s Day or even Mardi Gras (with a few minor adjustments)!

untitled 309.001



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