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How many of you out there are Boymoms? There are a lot of us out there. And there are a lot of us who scrapbook. Are there many like me who are strictly Boymoms? I don’t think there are too many, but that should not deter you from using the cutesy collections. Here’s why?

I use to strictly buy dark collections. I mean the collections that are heavy with the blues, greens, and yellows…but let’s face it…they are so plain. Ugh, it really irks my nerves. So, I say to you boymoms (or just moms with boys in general), BUY THOSE DARN COLLECTIONS! Don’t be afraid to use pink on a layout of your son. Why should a color be destined for a certain gender? Use flowers if you want on a layout of your hubby. Just be creative. This is exactly where I got the motivation for the spread I’m sharing today.


Products Used:

  • Recollection Paper Pad
  • Maggie Holmes Flourish & Maggie Holmes Bloom
  • Crate Paper Hello Love & Heart Day
  • White Cardstock


The Process:

This process was extra quick. I think I grabbed all the embellishments out of my embellishment bowl. lol. The pages were already gathered as part of my traveler’s notebook when I put it together.

If you would like to see how I made this traveler’s notebook, check out the process video below:

I played off the pink pattern paper I had already chosen in my traveler’s notebook. I started grabbing all my soft colors I had sitting in front of me (who has time to search for the perfect piece lol). I end up grabbing a lot of old collections from Maggie Holmes and Crate Paper.

Unlike my normal system, I put this layout together using just the papers. When I want to use girly collections, I tend to “scrap papers” then find a picture to match. This concept comes in handy when I completely lose my mojo. I started on the left side by placing down the rabbit chipboard. After placing that down, I moved over to the right side. Automatically, I had a tear in the paper that I had to cover up. I used strips of a tag I cut apart from a the Crate Paper Hello Love collection. I mimicked what I did on the top to the bottom of the spread. Since the strips didn’t cover of the tear entirely, I added a label to the left side of the top, and of course, to the right side of the bottom. Next, I started my layering. I kept this pretty simple, and used a bunch of cutaparts I had on-hand from Maggie Holmes Bloom collection. Then I accented additional pieces pulled from my embellishment bin. I chose to go with one of the pictures I took of my youngest son to use on the spread. The softness of the spread does not take away from the seriousness of the photo, so I knew it as a perfect match.

Soft colors work well with any gender

If you would like to see how I made this traveler’s notebook spread, check out the process video below:

As you can see, this spread came out beautiful. So, don’t be afraid to use pink with your boys. Or using dark colors with your girls. Don’t let a color limit your creativity because it’s not the normal thing to do.


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