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When You're Not Happy With It - Danie Faye Sometimes you do not like the final look of something you create. What do you do?

There are sometimes when I make layouts and they just give me the vibe of “I can’t wait to go back!” Then there are times when I’m like “Meh, it’ll do.” Lately, I have been feeling the latter. Lol.

So, what does a girl do when she doesn’t like the end product? You start over again. Lol. I have a bad habit of this. I guess that’s why I’m so far behind in my documenting. If you have a moment where you are going through your layouts, and you are just not feeling them, try switching to a different format. This will help with that lack of creativity feeling you may have. This is what happens to me from time to time, and I have found that switching sizes makes the creativity come back. That way you aren’t stuck with a whole bunch of layouts that you dislike, and want to redo.

As of now, I’ve downsized to scrapbooking using my traveler’s notebook. It makes it so much easier with getting the ideas that I need down, and if there’s nothing I want to say on the spread, I don’t feel guilty.

This quick spread is of our first visit to Disney World in 2012. We had loads of fun, even though we had a rough start. Since then, we have went to Disney two additional times, and we’re planning for our fourth trip next year!

Move it Shake it Parade at Magic Kingdom

Donald Duck during the “Move It Shake It” Parade at Magic Kingdom

Products Used:

  • Hobby Lobby Paper Studio Arrow Stickers
  • Studio Calico Gypsy Moon & Wink Wink Scrapbook Kit
  • Simple Stories Say Cheese II
  • Recollection Washi Tape
  • Pink Paislee Memorandum

The Process:

This spread was quite easy to put together. I have scrapped these photos before, so since I was downsizing the layout, I had to cut the photos down to size as well. Next, I gauge where I want the photo on the right to be in perspective to the labels I will be using on the spread. Then, I pull out the Pink Paislee Memorandum “Label” pattern paper and cut it apart to get the colors that worked best with the photos I decided to scrap. Once I picked these out, I lined them down the right side of the white cardstock I use as my background paper. I took my time to corresponding pieces next to each other, so they the color flow went smoothly.

Now that I have the labels placed, I do a little bit of layering behind the photo. Nothing too much to weigh that side down. I do notice that my photo had a smudge on it, so I accent/cover it up using a tiny word sticker. I then move on to the left side of the layout. I use the Paper Studio arrow stickers to accent the top and bottom of the spread. I use almost the same embellishments I used on the right side on this side, so everything balances out (I don’t care to introduce new embellishments if I can’t carry it over to both sides). I do attempt some stamping on this spread, but I don’t have a steady hand, so I end up covering it up with some washi tape.

Me and Goofy made eye contact and we both blushed a little

Remember, you are not going to like everything that you make. It’s okay to want to redo it. Redo it, if it makes you feel better! Just don’t stop creating! But, instead of possibly setting yourself back, change your size, and I promise, the creativity will start pouring in!

If you’d like to see a full detail process behind this spread, check out the process video below:

Untitled 309.001


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