4 x 8 Layout: Getting Good Use of My Alphas


Do you  have a whole bunch of alphas, but can’t seem to make a single word out of them? Happens to me all the time. I have actually fell out of love with creating titles using alphas because of this. My solution nowadays is to avoid alphas altogether. I gravitate to using single word titles already established like Amy Tangerine, or Maggie Holmes.

That does not make up for the incomplete alphas I have in my stash. What is a girl to do? Well, the first thing I could do is chuck them in the trash and call it a day, but we are not going to be wasteful today.

Being smart, I decided to throw a whole bunch of alphas on a layout, and work from there. I did not know how it would come out, so I decided to start small.

I am in the middle of converting small scraps (papers I couldn’t use on a full layout) into a mini album, so I started there. Using some Maggie Holmes products for inspiration…I think it turned out great.

Picture: (2016) With my new position, the hubby and I vowed to go on dates any time I’m off


Grabbing the first photo I could find I worked from there. The filter on this photo made it easy to put this layout out together. Eyeballing how much space I may need with the photo and layers, I laid out the alphas. I matched the alphas to shape. No particular letter or number has any significance.


Because this is a small spread, it was a matter of layering pieces behind the photo. I pulled from collections like: Maggie Holmes Bloom, Maggie Holmes Chasing, and Dear Lizzy Lovely Day. This process came together quite easy and quick, and I will have to try this in a larger format in the future (since I have thousands of alphas to get use of)

If you would like to see more spreads from this mini album, check out FROM PLANNER TO MINI ALBUM to see more!


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