8.5 x 11 Layout: Mother of Two

Hello! My scrappy friends! Coming to you with a very unique, out of my comfort zone, layout. Today’s layout is a pregnancy layout (as you can tell), but I put a twist on it. As you can see, my maternity photos were taken on the beach. With my first pregnancy, I went in a studio, and things had changed a great deal with documenting since I had my oldest child.

When I was deciding what products I was going to use on this layout, I factored in my dress. Haha! You though it was a skirt, didn’t you? Well, my photographer really wanted to showcase my belly, and she just wanted me in a bikini with a shawl. It was a great idea, but with it being last-minute, we couldn’t find the right fabric. No worries, right? That’s why we learn to problem-solving techniques. The closest thing we could do was use a maxi dress instead.

With my second pregnancy, I decided just to go up a size in clothing. Personally, it takes me some time to lose the baby weight, so I would still be able to wear the clothing after I had my baby. My steps with finding my outfit for this photoshoot went as follows:

I walked through my oldest child’s closet to see what nice clothes he had (he stays going through a growth spurt, so I don’t know if I am going to get lucky, or have to go shopping)

He had a decent t-shirt that I think showed the personality that was starting to shine through. I then went to my husband’s side of the closet. I tend to keep him in a dark color, or simply tell him to wear something white. That way he fits into the spread of colors between my oldest child and myself.

If my son doesn’t have anything, I go to my husband. I work with a color he has, then see if my son has something. If my son doesn’t have anything to match my husband, that is when it is time to go shopping.

I leave myself last because I am all over the spectrum with colors (although I love earth tones the most). With this being my maternity shoot, I wanted to try a different look.

Just like with the choosing of my our clothing, I wanted the products I chose to make this layout blend well together. I automatically went to the greens we had on for inspiration. I automatically went for the Crate Paper Oasis collection (BONUS: I was in a swimsuit, so this collection was meant to be used with this pic).  Because it is a layout in my pregnancy album, I wanted it to be different, so I attempted a little mixed media before layering my pieces. I used a stencil I bought from my local Walmart. I pulled out my watercolor set, and just started. I mixed colors to have that aqua green/blue color, and even splattered a little yellow in there to accent.

All in all, this was a fairly simple mixed media layout that didn’t take long at all. If you would like to see the process in full, please hop on over to my YouTube channel to check out the process video! SCRAP YOUR STASH | SPECIAL MOMENT | FEAT. CRATE PAPER OASIS (8.5 X 11 LAYOUT)


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