7×9 Layout: It’s Our Anniversary

What can I say about this spread? Ugh! It just gets me. So simple, and yet so sweet. I loved working on this layout. One, because it came together fairly quick. Two, the photo speaks for itself.

Now the two of us are the most awkward two ever! I blame the military. We were so nervous to show our affection that it actually hurt our relationship later on. If you do not know, public display of affection (PDA) is prohibited in uniform. So, in the beginning of our relationship, we kept our hands to ourselves in public so that we would not get in trouble. So, it makes for tough times with showing affection. We are getting there.

During our annual family photos, we decided to take more personal photos because it was coming up on our 10 year anniversary. This is one of the few photos that our awkwardness actually shined through. lol.

This spread is included in my upcycle of my planner. At one point in time, I was going to be an organized person…not so much anymore. I found that the sizes of the planners are just perfect for the scraps I have lying around. In this spread, I am using primarily Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams, and other embellishments from American Crafts. As you can see, I am a huge fan of this company and its products

I was able to use a lot of scraps in the spread. Even was able to use a branding strip. I don’t get to use those too often. Some collections I used were Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams, Crate Paper Notes & Things, Crate Paper Snow & Cocoa to name a few. In addition to using up my stash, I get extremely happy when I am able to use washi in my layouts. So, you know I was exceptionally happy that I was able to use this scalloped washi I got for Christmas (especially using it in a non-Christmasy layout).

Since I had limited amount of space, I decided just to layer behind the photo. To extend the amount of pieces I could use, I decided to add some dimension, that way, there are levels to the layers.

Because of the filter/tint of the photo, I decided to lean towards the corals and pinks for embellishments. It should come as no surprise that all my embellishments are Maggie Holmes, or Crate Paper, but I was able to use some embellishments from old Studio Calico kits as well. All in all, this layout might have taken me 45 minutes to complete, and I love it. This upcyling project is definitely allowing me to get good use of my scraps in my scrap bin.

So I say to you…break out those scraps and start scrapping. You do not need full sheets, or even the latest and greatest to make a beautiful layout. Happy scrapping! If you would like to see the entire process, check out my process video by clicking the following link:


Note: Any time I take too little or too long to make a layout, I tend to throw the layout away within a few days.


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