4 x 9 Layout: Welcome Home


Picture it. Deciding you want to expand your family by having a baby. That is a REALLY BIG DECISION. It also takes a lot of effort. Timing it just right when it comes to conception. It is very disappointing when you know that you timed it just right, when in reality you did not. Ha! Seeing friends and family around you find out they are expecting, but you’re over here with no such luck.

Six months passed. Nothing. I like control, so trying to conceive (TTC) was the only way I knew to have a baby. Marking the calendar; taking my temperature; finding that perfect moment; that was me. When reality set it that it just was not working (TTC Methods), I just quit. I gave up. BAM! I got my BIG FAT POSTIVE! Even though most would say otherwise, but I loved being pregnant. Then reality set in…once I have this baby, I may deploy. Nevermind that, right? Hehe. Labor and Delivery was weird, but it was the best/funniest experience I could ever imagine. Unorganized (even though I had a birth plan), nothing went as planned. But I had me a healthy baby boy.

I was tasked to deploy on the second rotation at my unit because I would be off my pregnancy profile, and hey, what is three to four months away from your newborn? Meh. How about this? Imagine doing it all over again. Difficult pregnancy. Horrible labor. This time your baby is in the NICU for a week. Then have to do the same thing again. What you ask? Deploy. Bummer, right? I missed the MOST important first year milestones in not one child’s life, but both of my children’s life. IT SUCKS! But there is no need to dwell in the past. We live for now and the future, right? I am happy that I have such loving children. My youngest son recognized who I was (shoutout to breastfeeding; pretty sure he remembered my scent), and my oldest could not have been more happy for me to be back (it hit him pretty hard; deployments are nothing like TDYs…no coming home on the weekends). We will not even mention the hubby and the parenting roles being shared now. Haha!

With this spread, I really wanted the travel theme to come out. I remember receiving a busy pattern paper in a Studio Calico kit I received in 2016 (Sonnet), that I could use, and to my surprise worked out perfect. The red from my hubby’s sweater to the blues in our sons’ coats, this paper touched all realms.

I decided to rummage through my scrap bin where I found a few corresponding pieces I have previously cut into (mostly from Jen Hadfield paper pad I have on hand for layering) to add a little flavor for my layer.

Now the embellishments…I will tell you guys now, I winged it. Haha! I was so intimidated by the busy background, I just told myself to go through all my loose embellishments, and just see what matches. Sometimes it is like that for me. I am not the best with coordinating. That is in life. Haha. Clothing, scrapbooking, parenting…I just go with the flow. Haha! Just joking. There are scrap sessions I will stand up and say “well, we need to just play the matching game.”

Deployment July 2015 – January 2016 (longest deployment EVER!)

All in all, I love how this spread turned out. It is simple, but still a piece that stands out among the rest of my layouts. I’m extremely proud of myself for challenging myself to use a busy pattern paper that I steered clear of for nearly two years. If you would like to see the process behind this spread, please check out the video here: UPCYLCLE PLANNER INTO MINI ALBUM PART 2


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