4 x 9 Layout: My Best Friend is Better Than Yours


Who out here has the best friend ever!? I DO! When I say this girl is my everything! She has helped me out so much, that I do not know where to begin. She made me get out of my tomboyish ways (I still prefer sneakers over heels any day) by teaching me basic skills of fashion. She’s taught me how to become vocal when it comes to speaking my mind. She’s sat back and just listened to me complain, and not judge me one bit, but most importantly, she’s always there!

Like this moment I captured. Just days after returning back from my most recent deployment, she rode up with her boyfriend to see us. She had made us personalized Disney shirts for our trip to Disney that week. How awesome is that!? Most importantly, she didn’t mention anything about the weight gain (I struggled with changing my diet from excessive eating due to breastfeeding metabolism and stress).


She is the definition of a perfect friend (lol). So, I decided to let the love pour through this spread. I used Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams, Crate Paper Cute Girl, and Notes and Things. These collections are very girly and I wanted to finally get some good use out of the scraps I had on hand.


When working with a small spread, I get a little hesitant. Not that I do not know what I want to do, it is just that I can never figure out where to begin. I noticed that the paper had a tear in it, so I began from there. I took out my stapler and put two staples on the slits and everything started to fall into place.

Because my space is limited (not that it is a bad thing), I have to figure out how am I going to be able to incorporate my layering. Let us face it, this is just something I will always do even when it is played out. Lol. I always grab my photo to see how much space I will have by factoring in the size. I came to the conclusion on this particular spread that I could only get two pieces of pattern paper without it looking weird, but I could lift up the photo to be able to add a third piece (I decided not to lift the photo)

With this spread, my next step was to find a starting place with embellishments. That starts by figuring out what color spectrum I want to stay in. Most crafters do not look at it in detail like that, but in reality, we are mentally doing it without much making a big stink of it. Some challenges give you a mood board to work from, and this is exactly what my process is. WHAT IS MY MOOD FOR THIS SPREAD. I took a quick glance at my shirt in the photo, and played off of that. The products mentioned earlier were perfect! Pinks, blues, purples, greens…just perfect!

Now that I know my mood for the spread, it was an easy spread from that point on. I was able to grab the coordinating embellishments a lot faster than when I have no clue where I am going with a layout. Once I saw the blue butterfly in my stash, I automatically knew most of my embellishments would come from The Chasing Dreams Collection, or any Maggie Holmes Collection (lol). Lastly, I made sure I threw in words here and there that showed my love for my bestie.

After all is said and done, it was a rocky start (this is a tough pattern paper for a background), but I was determined to get use of it. Using the paper in a smaller format was a lot easier than using it in a larger aspect. If you would like to see the detailed process, head over to my channel and check out my process video: UPCYLCLE PLANNER INTO MINI ALBUM PART 2


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