8.5 x 11 Layout: Simple Layouts Go a Long Way


When it comes to emphasizing a photo, I try to make my layout as simple as possible. The reasoning behind this is to not take away from the importance of the photo. In this case, my youngest son was in the NICU, when he was born. Instead of not taking pictures, we wanted to document how far he has come in this journey we call life.


To document this importance piece of our lives, I decided to use Maggie Holmes Bloom Collection. When I initially bought this collection, I was telling myself that I would just use this collection on myself, or any photos of me with my girlfriends. Then, I grew creatively. Has that ever happened to you? When you look at a collection and think “How will I ever use this?” That was me when I initially bought this collection. I’m the only female in my home, and I automatically got the vibe that this was a girly girl collection.

Fast forward to now. A year later. I have used majority of the collection, but I still find scraps here and there in my stash. As I was doing some planning for future layouts (aka pinning on Pinterest), I came across a simple layout by an artist, Bea Valint. She used clothesline concept on a layout, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! It showcases the photo, and a few embellishments, but mainly the photo. SCORE! I’ve also gotten out of the habit of restricting pink to girls. Yes, I was that type of person. I had to be in the photo in order for me to use feminine colors, but I have since learned it does not matter. Matter of fact, this collection is PERFECT for newborns. No matter how you slice it, all babies are pretty…cute…adorable…all the embellishments that came with the Bloom collection and more. HAHA!


If you would like to see how I used Maggie Holmes Bloom Collection to create out the most cutest newborn BOY layout, check out my process video LOVE



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