Talent vs. Creativity: How My Style Has Changed Over the Years

Oh the joys of scrapbooking! Not all of us are talented in the beginning. You just want to put all the pretty shiny things on paper with your photo. Not much creativity. At least that was me. I’m not going to lie, a lot of my original layouts have been burned to a crisp, but there are a few that I just can’t let go.

The idea of scrapbooking for me is to be creative, but that was a learned trait for me. I definitely was not born with it. Honestly, it took until 2016 to hit my creativity peak. That’s nine years after I began my scrapbooking journey! A lot of my original works were like this:

My format: 2 pics, journaling, and a title. That was it. NOW…It’s like night and day.

Nowadays, I must layer with not only pattern paper, but also with my embellishments. I have to start by using some type of creative sketch, and end with putting ink splatter somewhere on my layout.

Check out the process video behind the layout shared at: SCRAP YOUR STASH | TOGETHER FEAT. MAGGIE HOLMES CHASING DREAMS


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