With the Sound of Your Heartbeat: How It All Began…

IMG_8864A lot can be said about how scrapbooking was introduced into my world. To understand THE HOW, I must briefly discuss THE WHY. In the beginning, all I knew was that my Godmother did funny things with paper and pictures. Not really knowing she was preserving memories. She would go on and on about conventions she would go to in order to learn new tricks, and get the latest products. It still didn’t click. It wasn’t until I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest child (THE WHY), that I even considered scrapbooking.

As I progressed through the pregnancy, I just kept a diary. That was until my Godmother stopped by to see me right before I went into labor. It was just a get together. Go grab something to eat, buy a few things for the baby…no biggie. She not only showed up with the rocking chair I wanted for the nursery, she brought a whole bag full of scrapbooking goodies as well (THE HOW)! Yes, it was just the basics, but come on! Grabbing all the basics (and a tote) can be pricey. I’ll never forget that day.

So, yes, I began scrapbooking for the same reason most of us began scrapbooking, but how I began remains close to my heart. If it wasn’t for this gesture, I wouldn’t have ever taken the steps to build my stash.


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